Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kevin Jonas, Lunchables, Field Trips and Why I Can't Be Trusted With a Camera

Last week my daughters and I were invited to an event that combined three of their favorite things: Field trips, meeting celebrities, and getting out of school early. Technically the field trip wasn't theirs -- the event was to kick off Lunchables "Field Trips For All" program, and Kevin Jonas was the celebrity they got to meet. I had to pull them out of school an hour early in order to make the media check-in time, and if the attendance office lady at their school is reading this, yes this was the 'personal appointment' I was referring to. Also, as you can see I was totally joking when I said I was pulling them out early to visit their dad in prison.

The most unfortunate thing about this whole day was that I realized that all the high-tech gadgetry in the world can't save me if I'm put on the spot. Because even with my amazing camera that I used to get such awesome photos of Paul McCartney while seated a mile from the stage, this is the best I could do while standing a mere three feet away from Kevin Jonas and my daughters:

Also, I used the video feature on that same camera to capture their interview, but I must have *forgotten* to focus it, and/or adjust the light setting. And I don't know what's up with the sound being all muffled, but if you listen closely you might hear me banging my head against the wall at the end. This is right about when I'd be fired if I was actually getting paid to do this:

But thank goodness my 11-year-old had the camera for most of the event, and managed to get a bunch of great photos. A lucky second-grade class was there as part of an actual field trip, and Kevin did a few activities with them and then posed for a group shot. Notice how this one is in focus!

If any of you have kids in public schools you know how the number of field trips have dwindled significantly due to budget cuts. Where they used to have multiple excursions per year to museums, operas and college campuses, now it appears there is barely enough money for them to have even one. If this keeps up their outings might start consisting of walking tours of the nearest mini-mall. Although my kids would tell you a trip to Starbucks would be THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER.

This is where the "Field Trips For All" program comes in. Part of Lunchables' new initiative called Project Potential, the program is dedicated to helping kids meet their potential by providing them with enriching experiences they might otherwise not have. And from now until June 1, you can go to and nominate a deserving classroom for a much-needed field trip and 50 classrooms will be selected to go on an educational outing. I say it's a great cause, and certainly better than having your kid come home and tell you all about how a caramel macchiato is made.

Small but important print I was not given any monetary compensation for attending this event nor was I required to write a review. I was given a Flip video camera which I will certainly use the next time I interview a Jonas brother so as to avoid the fiasco that you witnessed here. Amen.
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