Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Admission to Disneyland!

Here's two things you never hear in the same sentence: 'Free' and 'Disneyland.' But guess what? For all of 2009, anyone can get in FREE on their birthday. This applies at either Disneyland in Anaheim, or Disney World in Florida. Just go here to register your birthday, and then show up on your big day with a picture ID that shows your date of birth. (Kids will need their passports or birth certificates.)

Considering that a child's admission (ages 3-9) is $59 and everyone else is $69, this could save you a nice chunk of cash. Or at least enough to buy a large soda and a popcorn from the kisok in Tomorrowland. Even more savings for someone like my brother, who has twins and will save almost $120 if he visits the Magic Kingdom on their next birthday - definitely cheaper than hiring that guy in a Mickey costume to show up at the house and make balloon animals.

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