Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...But I'd Also Like To Thank These People

In addition to thanking the Academy, God, my agent and my lawyers, I would definitely have to thank the following people in my Oscar speech. Also, unlike Sandra Bullock when she won her award, I'm definitely thanking my husband.

My once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Academy Awards would not be possible without Kodak and the wonderful people I've met who work there. You people would win the award for Most Fantastic Staff. Also, judging by the spirit you showed at the Awards I think you would be an awesome group to toss back a margarita with. Am I right?

Genlux magazine and Leona Edmiston

What can I say? They saved me from wearing my bathrobe to the biggest night in Hollywood so I thank them for that. If you get a chance you have to check out Leona's store on Montana Avenue -- her pieces are just so fantastic and made me feel beautiful and current. No small feat for someone who spends most of her days in six-year-old sweatpants.

Marygene and i Nuovi Cosmetics

Thanks to Marygene I had the best makeup job I think I've ever had. And that makeup miraculously managed to last through the searing mid-morning heat, a thunderstorm and into the night. She put these crazy individual lashes on me that made me look glamorous and best of all -- awake. Some sarcastic people would call her a Miracle Worker and they'd probably be right.

Kodak EasyShare Z950
Kodak sent me this camera to record the festivities with and I'm in love with it. Not only is it extremely easy to use, but the 10x optical zoom on it is amazing -- check out this picture of Mario Lopez. That's right -- you can see the gel in his hair:

iGo Phone Charger

I got this device at an event a few weeks ago and I got to put it to the test on Sunday. It was a lifesaver, especially since another device I purchased from the Apple Store failed miserably. The iGo gave me another full charge so I was able to take a picture of this beautiful sight at the end of the night.

My Husband

In addition to putting up with my neurotic frenzy as I prepared to go to the Oscars, my husband bought me a brand spankin' new iPhone 3Gs the day before the Awards since my ancient 2G was starting to act up. What a guy! He did mention some "additional favors" that would be required as partial payment but I have no idea what he's talking about.

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Thank you for the post..

J.R. Harper said...

Sweatpants Mom, I am looking for a new camera. Would you recommend buying the Kodak EasyShare Z950? Was it really easy to use? Did it really take great photos?

Ethan Smith said...

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