Monday, May 17, 2010

What To Eat At Disneyland

One of the most common complaints I hear about Disneyland is the lack of good, reasonably priced food. My answer is usually, "Hey, you don't go to Disneyland for the food, people. That's like saying you go to the beach for their clean bathrooms." Of course, there's always the one smartass that says why yes -- they actually do prefer the beach bathrooms to their one at home, but sometimes my daughter will say anything to get on my nerves.

But I have to agree that finding somewhere to have lunch and/or dinner is always difficult. The kids don't necessarily want to sit down and have a full meal when they could be riding Space Mountain or spending their parents' money on their six-hundredth Disney keychain. And the quicker options -- hamburgers or corn dogs -- aren't going to work for my vegetarian 14-year-old. Also, who actually eats those turkey legs?

But I was there on Saturday and discovered this:

These are grilled, bacon-wrapped asparagus kebobs from Bengal Barbecue, located across from the Indiana Jones ride in Adventureland. Did I mention two of my favorite foods, bacon and asparagus, together? On a stick? For only $3.79*? You'll still have plenty of cash leftover for keychains.

They also have chicken and beef kebabs that kids would love, and best of all -- an incredible vegetable kebab that my vegetarian daughter swooned over. How did I miss this place all these years? You'd think I would have smelled that bacon from way over in Tomorrowland.

*That's per kebab, but trust me -- you'll want two. Or five.

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followingtheroad said...

I'm a big fan of the kabob place too, but my favorite is still the New Orleans Cafe. The soup in a bread bowl is heaven. Add a fruit tart and my day has been made.

~jill said...

we love the kabobs!

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