Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween at Disneyland Is Just Around The Freaking Riverbend

This title comes courtesy of my 14-year-old, whose Facebook status after our trip to Disneyland on Saturday read:

Had fun at Disneyland yesterday :) I just have to say that anyone born in the 90's MUST see World of Color at California Adventure. Was pathetically tearing up in every other scene. COME ON, THEY WERE PLAYING ALADDIN AND THE LION KING, AND JUST AROUND THE FREAKING RIVERBEND.
Is that the sequel to Pocahontas – 'Just Around The Freaking Riverbend'? Because it totally should be.

Anyway, backing up a little, last week just about killed me. In a freak of nature never to be repeated again, my husband and I went out THREE nights in a row (more about that later) without the kids. These three events, while fun, required me to actually dress up, put on makeup and wear heels, and by the time I got to bed Friday night my feet hurt, my back was killing me and I may or may not have realized that in my sleepy haze I had accidentally brushed my teeth with hand cream.

Either way, my teeth are really soft and supple now.

So of course Saturday morning we got up and did what all sane people do when they're delirious with exhaustion and shuffling around like a couple of dazed senior citizens at a rave - we took the kids to Disneyland! (Add to that the fact that my husband got his backpack stolen the night before so on top of delirium we have anger and fist-shaking at the world. More on that later, too.)

Did I tell you how smooth and young my teeth feel? 

We weren't about to pass up this Disneyland visit, though, since it was the annual bloggers event to kick off Halloween Time, their seasonal celebration (September 17 to October 31) where several attractions are transformed with 'haunted' themes – Space Mountain becomes Ghost Galaxy and the Haunted Mansion gets its 'Nightmare Before Christmas' makeover – and guests are able to trick-or-treat at the resort at Mickey's Halloween Party. (Note: In addition to having a new name, this separate-ticketed event is at Disneyland this year and not California Adventure. See details here.)
 If you haven't been to Disneyland during the Halloween season, you really should check it out. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Halloween (I know, I know) but this event almost makes me want to embrace the holiday a little bit more. I said almost.

After our jam-packed day of checking out all the Halloween attractions we headed to dinner at the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, which for a carnivore like me is HEAVEN. Buckets (yes, real buckets) of ribs, chicken and sausage served with buckets (more buckets) of beans and corn. I'll have to do a separate review of this place someday, because it really is that good. In fact, I've decided to start serving dinner at home 'Big Thunder Ranch BBQ' style – although Bucket Of Ramen might not have the same effect.

The evening ended with a viewing of World Of Color. I had seen it before, but it was the first time for my husband and kids and as you can tell they loved it. In fact, I liked it better this second time around, and I think that it was because of the fact I was seeing it with my kids – who knew seeing all those Disney classics would make them cry? I guess it's the same way i feel when I see that 'Best Of' montage on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

After 10 hours at Disneyland my husband and I were considering riding the Monorail over and over again just so we could take a nap, but the kids were still running around like a couple of crazed mice on speed. At 12 and 14 my girls have long grown tired of other things from their childhood (including their parents) but Disneyland is the one place they still get excited about.

Check out these videos and see if you don't want to hop in your car and head over. this weekend. After all, Halloween is just around the freaking riverbend.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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RosevilleAndRocklin said...

Funny, that's how I have always sung that song ... not sure what you are making all the fuss about ... ;-)

Hilarious, as always SPM. I have never seen Disneyland at Halloweiner time, just Christmas and THAT nauseates me a bit, this is more my style. ~ Though a D-land visit in October it is tentatively on our books.

Thanks for the videos.
Rock-on SPM family.

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