Monday, April 30, 2007

Hugh Grant Wastes Food.

It’s getting harder to love Hugh Grant. We forgave him for stopping for dessert on a busy L.A. street, for breaking Liz Hurley’s heart and for Bridget Jones II: The Edge of Reason. Well sort of. I’m still waiting for my refund on that one.

We can even understand why he might go medieval on a creepy papaparazzi with a Tupperware filled with last night’s dinner. It’s being reported that Hugh attacked a photographer who was trying to take his picture by slinging a tub of beans at him and then kicking him. Or, as the photographer says, “He was effing and blinding at me.” Huh?

Legume-flinging aside, it looks like Grant stepped over the line when he reportedly hurled some pretty harsh insults at the lensmen. “He asked me if I had a girlfriend or any kids and I said I had two.” the photographer reports. “He said 'I hope they die of f**king cancer.’”

Whoa. If it’s true, I'm thinking there's probably a lot of parents whose kids are suffering from cancer who are going to want to get a hold of Grant and put that tub of beans somewhere else.

Let the effing and blinding begin.

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L.A. Daddy said...

No excuses. But I can see where I would do some nasty flinging of my own if there were a camera constantly in my face.

Yes, yes. They "asked for it" by becoming famous. But, still... How many shots of Hugh Grant do you really need?

Like they said in Notting Hill, he's getting kinda squishy these days.

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