Thursday, April 26, 2007

Corinne Bailey Rae Has To Stay Home And Eat Hot Pockets Like The Rest Of Us.

I’m a CBR fan, so it was just a little sad to see that she couldn’t get into NYC club Butter on Monday night. After they turned her away at the door she had to turn around and cab it home – which means some hottie inside the club had to find someone else to lick tequila shooters out of his navel.

But what I loved most about this article were the reader comments. It turned into a fierce Britain vs. U.S. brawl with lots of juvenile name calling. The best kind!

“Never heard of her. Go back to your own country. We have enough pathetic wannabe celebs.”

“That's because you don't listen to decent music…Too bad Europe appreciates talent while America only appreciates boobs.”

“Who is she?...Even if they did know her, how was anybody going to recognize her with that ugly shirt on her head and two fat women escorting her who were dressed like crap.”

“’Butter’ is so last year. They let trash like that nasty Tinsley Mortimer in, while barring truly nice and talented people like Corrine Baily Rae.”


“Why I am not suprised of [commenters] #1 and 2 . One can safely imagine that you never heard nor can appreciate Jazz or Neo-Soul. Exhibit your lack of taste with pride.”

“Who is she?
Another moron.”

“Why would TMZ refer to her bodyguard as a Fantasia Barrino look-alike…People are so mean. The internet has not helped, not at all!!!”

“Only in Amerikkka!!!”

“…I could really care less for this woman. I don't even care to type her name. She is as exciting as tap water.

Thank you.”


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