Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HalloweenTime at Disneyland Beats Homecoming at the High School Anyday

If you're wondering how much my teens love Disneyland – they blew off their homecoming dance to attend a media day at the park. They were going to the dance with groups of friends so there were no dates to disappoint, but something tells me they would have chosen the Magic Kingdom over a boy anyway. Unless those boys happened to be Darren Criss and Ryan Gosling, in which case my girls would have just used their babysitting money to buy extra park-hoppers for their dates.

HalloweenTime and the holidays in general are our favorite times at the park. Besides the changing-over of the rides to their special scarier themes – Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Haunted Mansion Holiday (inspired by Tim Burton), the Tower Of Terror (populated with phantom patrons in honor of Halloween) – we're just a sucker for the decorations. Don't ask how many photos I have on my hard drive of this very same pumpkin and street decoration:

And because the kids aren't the only ones who enjoy Disneyland, indulge me for a moment while I post a pic of the meal us adults had while the teens ran straight from the tram to get in line for Space Mountain (because you know kids never eat when they're at Disneyland. No problem - more for us.)

This was from our favorite place, Uva Bar in Downtown Disney, where we always make it a point to stop and have a cocktail before taking on the park. Add that to the list of things I don't remember from my trips to Disneyland as a child.

We were also super-excited to check out CARS LAND for the very first time! But there's so much to see there I'm going to save it for its own post. Unfortunately we didn't have time to ride any of the rides because the lines were so long, but I had fun just checking out the design and architecture. Next time I plan to bring my good camera, and just hang out here for hours taking pictures and eating. Don't judge.

Another must-see when we got back that we missed this time around: There is an 'Art Of Frankenweenie' exhibit based on the Tim Burton/Disney film over at California Adventure that I heard is amazing. If I'm not stopped, I plan to take pictures and eat over there, too.

HalloweenTime at Disneyland officially ends tomorrow (hurry!) but that just means the themed decorations and rides come down (except for the Haunted Mansion Holiday.) Cars Land is there forever, and the Frankenweenie exhibit runs until November 5.

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