Monday, November 14, 2011

Listening To: Lady Antebellum's Own The Night

I'm not a big fan of country music. And when my 15-year-old daughter – a fan of everything from the most indie of bands to the most mainstream – started begging me to take her to a Lady Antebellum concert at the Troubadour a couple of months back, I may have made a snarky comment about them on Facebook. That prompted a few of my friends to suggest that I give the band a chance, with many of them starting off with, "I'm not a country music fan either, BUT..." and then launching into the reasons I was wrong. Although they did fall silent when I suggested they take my daughter to the concert. Hmmm.

So when I was offered a chance to review their new album "Own The Night", I took it as a sign to take my friends' (and my daughter's) advice and give the band a listen. I'm glad I did – although it won't turn me into a die-hard country music fan, it did give me a new appreciation for the band and their musicianship.

And I'm not entirely sure if Lady Antebellum is a country band anyway, or more of a rock band with a country tinge to it. And maybe that's its appeal for me – I find it much more palatable than traditional country music songs, many of them with themes I have a hard time relating to. I've learned my lesson, though - I won't be making any snarky comments about that on Facebook.

"We Owned The Night," the second single released from the album is my favorite, while I can't seem to stop humming "Love I've Found In You." (Which is probably one of the songs on the disc that does sound most like a traditional country tune. What is happening to me?) I'm less of a fan of the ballads on the album, with the exception being the first single, "Just A Kiss." But the catchy, breezy "Singing Me Home" reminds me of something I might have listened to over and over again on my turntable when I was a high schooler, sipping a Tab and drawing hearts on my notebook.

Speaking of high school, here's a review of the album from my 15-year-old, the true Lady A fan in the family. (Note: My husband ended up taking her to that show at the Troubadour, and even he came away more impressed than he thought he'd be.)
After winning five Grammys with their smash hit album, 'Need You  Now,' Lady Antebellum wows us again with their third album, 'Own the  Night.' This album has a song for any kind of mood, from the upbeat party anthem 'Friday Night' to a reminiscent love song, 'Dancing Away With My Heart.' The album also features heartbreaking love ballads like 'Cold As Stone' and 'As You Turn Away,' which really show the  amazing vocal talent of lead singers Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley, and of course, the fantastic piano and guitar skills of Dave Haywood.
The album has a sense of nostalgia to it, bringing you back to the carefree days of young love with songs like 'We Owned the Night.' And as usual, Lady Antebellum delivers their songs with perfect harmonies and beautiful instrumentals. Whether you want to curl up with your loved one or just have a good old time with your friends, 'Own the Night' has a song just for you. Also, if you want to experience the music live, the trio begins their very first arena headlining 'Own the Night' tour tonight, which is traveling all over the country. Check if they're coming to your city; it's definitely not something you want to miss!

Lady Antebellum is currently on their 'Own The Night' 2012 World Tour. Check here for tour dates and tickets.

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Anonymous said...

I admit I would be one of those who would say "I'm not a country music fan either, BUT..."

I like Lady Antebellum - helluva lot better than some of the pop crap you hear on the radio these days!


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