Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby you can drive my car, but put your phone down first

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I admit it – my kids text and drive. Well, at least they text while I drive. If I have a message I HAVE to get out while I'm at the wheel, I hand them my phone and dictate what I want the text message to say. It's my new method during those times when I'm running five minutes late (very often) or need directions (rarely) or forget to tell my husband to make that cappuccino a double (with alarming frequency.)

My two daughters are 12 and 14, too young to drive (thank goodness) but not too young to hear about the dangers of texting and driving. They know it's against the law, and they do know that before that law was passed they saw their mom occasionally read or send a text at a stoplight. Only once or twice. Okay, maybe five times max.

What does worry me are other parents who text while driving, other parents who at some point may have my kids in their car while they're driving and doing said texting. That scares me, as while I appreciate the “im going 2 b late but im bringing donuts” message I don't want to get it while they're rolling down the freeway at 65 miles per hour. So I've instructed my kids to speak out if they see someone texting while driving – nothing accusatory, more like, "Hey, Ms. B how about I send that text for you so you DON'T GET A TICKET (and we don’t die)" kind of thing. And I will certainly think twice before ever letting my kids get in that car again. Free donuts be damned.

Let's face it – texting is here to stay. And unless they come up with some sort of mind-melding communication device to replace it, texting while driving will definitely be an issue in 1-1/2 years when my oldest daughter gets her learner's permit. Or as my husband and I like to call it – 'All Cars Off The Road' Day.

What have you told your kids about texting and driving? Have they ever seen you text while at the wheel?

Give me your thoughts on these questions. For every comment left on this post a donation of 50 cents will be made to, up to $5000.

And for goodness sakes please do not text your comment in while driving.
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April said...

I totally do the same thing! Have the girls answer texts for me while I'm driving, I mean. And that's great that you're teaching them to speak up when they see others doing so. My girls already know that NO ONE in this city can drive, texting or not! Besides me, of course.

Robbie said...

Excellent suggestion as to how ANYONE can tactfully take charge of the situation when someone is texting while driving!

NorCal Sistah said...

Thanks for doing this post -- this is a big pet peeve of mine - especially since I know quite a few smart and educated people that "text and drive" -- I just don't understand it. I always ask them to think of someone they love and how would they feel if the were hit by someone who was texting something important like "LOL". I know that I don't want to lose my life for something stupid like that.

Great idea about having the kids text for you and for educating them on it being okay to bring it up to an adult if they are texting while driving -- I know that your girls will not be afraid to say something!

Put down your phones people! Your life and others is way more important!

Shelly said...

My son is three years away from getting his license, so it's a little early for the lecture.

But I have witnessed my 17-year-old niece texting and driving and read her the riot act. Also sent her a very scary video I found online that showed the consequences of texting and driving. Bloody and gory, but effective!

Lin said...

Dear Marsha, The fact that I don't text and drive has nothing to do with the fact that I don't know how to text. Fact.
Love, Lin
P.S. Did I mention I have no cell phone coverage where I live? That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

AutumnRose said...

People that text while driving are equal to the same assholes that drink and drive!!!!!


Permit Practice Test said...

This subject is actually being tested heavily on the drivers permit test. Thank god. Its just common sense.

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