Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World of Color: Yet Another Reason Not To Pass Up California Adventure

It's no secret that between the two Anaheim parks, California Adventure is the scruffy little sister to it's more glamorous sibling, Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom has better clothes, better hair and let's face it -- probably gets all the cute guys.  

But I think all that is about to change with 'World Of Color,' the elaborate nighttime water show that just opened at California Adventure. A few weeks ago I was invited to the premiere of this newest attraction, and by the looks of it I think more people will finally be paying attention to the 'little sister.' It's like she threw away her retainer and training bra all at once!

(It's also no secret that I'm the only one in my family that prefers California Adventure, with its shorter lines, wide open spaces and wine with dinner. It's also home to my favorite ride, Soarin' Over California, the best ride ever invented -- that is, if you don't count my other favorite ride.)

In a nutshell, 'World Of Color' is a combination water show/light show/movie experience that takes place on a 'stage' of water, bigger than a football field, in Paradise Bay. For those of you who hate nutshells, here's a brief description from Disney:
During the under-25-minute show, “World of Color” immerses audiences in technological wonder and the enchanting magic of beloved Disney and Disney•Pixar characters, combining nearly 1,200 versatile fountains, dazzling colors, Disney music and an all-new kaleidoscope of audio and visual effects...Animated sequences projected onto the “World of Color” water screen will flood the senses, taking audiences on an imaginative journey into the colorful worlds of such classics as “Finding Nemo,” “Toy Story,” “The Little Mermaid,” “The Lion King” and many more.
Take a look:

The 'Blue Carpet' premiere before the show was a great celeb-watching event -- I'll post my photos later this week, including more of this stud and this couple who looked so happy at the time.  Also, God answered my prayers and I finally got to stay at the Grand Californian. I'll be posting a review of my time there later, and for once it doesn't involve me stealing any toiletries.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Robbie said...

Yay! Leland will be happy to hear about your preference for DCA!!! Just wait until Cars Land opens in 2012!

NorCal Sistah said...

That looks totally cool -- I would really like to see the "little sister" park one day -- I will have to do a weekend trip there so I can see both at one time!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

We are heading that way in August. We'll be staying at the Grand Californian too! It's our favorite place to stay when at Disneyland. I'm anxious to see World of Color at California Adventure too. Although I've heard that the crowds are terrible for the shows. I'm thinking of doing a "dining" show or a reserved picnic in order to beat some of the crowds. Did you do any of those? Any suggestions on which one might be best. Ariel's, Trattoria or the Reserved Picnic area?

Look forward to reading more about your trip.

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