Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Momicillin: Who would have ever thought I'd be writing about anti-bacon?

I just wrote a guest post on Momicillin, a new site that features reviews and articles written by parents, intended to "help cure what ills the everyday (or any-day) Mom." I decided to write a review on something that has been saving my sanity at dinnertime lately, a line of meatless products. It's true - there was a time I considered a tofu hotdog sacrilegious, but I've had to change my tune ever since my 13-year-old turned against me and became a vegetarian. Please note, though - I will never, ever, not in a million years, buy a Tofurky.

So here’s the thing – I could never relate to those parents that complained about not getting their kids to eat, because my daughters, 11 and 13, will eat just about anything. And it’s always been that way - even when they were babies I remember friends and relatives coming over and it would almost be like a game. “Hey, let’s see if they’ll eat THIS,” they’d say, and then proceed to drop pieces of liver, or anchovies or cigarette butts onto my kids’ plates (Okay, I just made up the part about the cigarette butts, but you get the picture)...Read More...

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