Monday, October 5, 2009

Travel Savvy Mom: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Yes, If We Have Our Own Beds

This past summer I did a review for Travel Savvy Mom about a local hotel I was invited to review, the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn at Universal Studios Hollywood. I'm posting a link to it here because I frequently get requests from people looking for accommodations that are close to attractions such as Universal Studios and Hollywood, and this would be a perfect solution so that they don't have to stay with us that is both comfortable and reasonable.

For my husband and me, staying in a hotel with our two daughters has become a little tricky. At 11 and 13, they can barely breathe the same air without arguing, so getting them to share a bed in a traditional room with two double or queen beds is next to impossible. Suites are always ideal since they will often come with a sofa-bed that one of them can sleep on, but it’s hard to justify the extra cost when traveling on a budget, especially since on family vacations we spend so little time in the room and most of the time sightseeing. Well, that and arguing. Did I mention sisters like to argue?

We were recently invited to stay at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn at Universal Studios Hollywood and became fans of the KidSuites that are being offered at many Holiday Inns – a room with a partitioned area that’s furnished with bunk beds, a set of drawers, a flat screen TV and a game system. Our two girls loved having their own area and most of all their own beds. And while it doesn’t offer total privacy since there’s no door and the top of the partitioned area is open, we found that it provided just the right amount of separation to keep peace in a family of four. Not having to share a TV? Awesome. Not having to listen to your kids accuse each other of hogging the covers? Priceless...Read More...

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