Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MySims Racing is Keeping the Peace in My House

I have two daughters, ages 10 and 13. When it comes to playing video games, the scenario goes like this: The 10-year-old spends a huge amount of time begging the 13-year-old to play with her, while the 13-year-old does her best to ignore her and then finally promises to play with her as soon as she's done updating her Facebook page, re-charging her iPod and IM'ing with her 75 closest friends that are usually online at any given time. Because discussing the latest Gossip Girl episode is apparently more important than crushing your little sister in a video game any day.

But all that changed when we got a copy of MySims Racing for Wii to review. My 13-year-old? Suddenly a world-class racer who is determined to conquer the Burning Lap Challenge no matter how many of her friends are waiting for her to text them back. She's a fan of the Story Mode version of the game, where you can customize your car and chart your own course. In fact, she was so engrossed in a race through a snowy field the other day that she was unplugged from her iPod for an entire 30 minutes, a record. And crushing her little sister in a race has once again become a priority. I'm so proud.

The 10-year-old, who was already a fan of all things MySims and Sims, didn't need any convincing. and is expertly racing her customized kart around the track. And now, she's happy to have her sister along for the ride.

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√Člie Charest said...

As the game's senior game designer, I just wanted to say that your story made my day. It's nice to hear kids actually enjoying the game, when what we all too often hear are reviewers complaining about its shortcomings.

I got into this business for just this reason: entertaining people. Thank you, sincerely, for validating that choice.


sweatpantsmom said...

√Člie - You're so welcome! And thanks for a great game!

I wish you could have seen the scene in my house last night, when my girls and their friends, ages 13 and 14, were all lined up on the couch and playing the game. Together. Which doesn't happen very often these days.

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