Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cookie Contest Winner And A List Of Things That Can Really Piss A Girl Off.

Thanks for all of your responses to my first blog giveaway ever. There were so many pathetic stories it was hard to pick just one shining jewel in the mountain of crap some of you have received as gifts.

Some of you related to my traumatic t-shirt experience, and apparently received equally horrendous gifts from boyfriends and husbands:

ManagerMom received a cheap pair of earrings from Claires, in a Tiffany box. (Did we date the same guy?)

Undercovercookie received a $2 speedway mug.

E's boyfriend gave her a book that he recommended but hadn't even read.

Karen received boxing gloves and an Everlast sweatshirt.

Then there were the wedding gifts from hell:

Ali Martell received 1.75 in Canadian coins from her grandmother.

Anonymous received a hopeful 50th Anniversary plate.

Amy was promised a houseful of furniture from her in-laws, but got two nights at a mediocre hotel instead.

Bad, for any occasion (Hint: Don't buy lamps):

Suzy received a hideous fringed lamp adorned with angels and wrapped in cellophane

Aldeb received a single bottle of drugstore-brand nail polish (from a guy that turned out okay in the end.)

Asianmommy got a box of sugar-free chocolates from someone who didn't want her "to get fat."

MamaBird got a lamp, shaped like a duck.

Penny also received a lamp, only hers was shaped like a moose.

Rachel received a sock filled with Mexican pesos.

Nava received a FedEx watch, originally intended for her brother.

Thanks, Mom:

Jodifur's mother-in-law gave her a single cereal bowl for her wedding shower.

Kirida got an ab-roller from mom for her birthday.

Juju's unfortunate friend received used makeup and body wash from her mother-in-law.

Feener's husband received a windbreaker (from the drugstore!) from his mom.

But the story that takes the cake (and gets the cookies) is Lynette's story about getting a bathroom scale from her then fiancee, with a suggestion that "whatever I weighed the day we got married, he would have the right to divorce me if I got any 'fatter'. "

Really, don't we all just want to kill this guy?

Fortunately, Lynette eventually divorced the loser, and let him keep the scale.

Congratulations Lynette! I order you to eat each and every one of these cookies yourself.

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Asianmommy said...

Wow--Lynette's story just can't be beat!

Lynette {Radio} said...

Wow thanks!! I'm sure my ex's new wife is quite happy with that scale. I will enjoy the cookies very much, thanks! I'm sure my kids will get in on the festivities, never knowing *why* I won them!!

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